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  1. Dear Dog lover,
    can you help me to get 1 female frenchie, the color is grey and blue eyes? i looking for a frenchie puppy. if you have info about this, please give me the info. is in around yours have frenchie puppy looking for? i want to grow up it in my home.
    is in around yours have frenchie 3 color? i want keep it as well. thankyou

  2. Can a pure bred gordon setter be all black with white chest. I inherited him and now would like info before I give him to another family.

  3. I am trying to produce a black an tan french bulldog. I have an Ay Ay BBEE dd kyky male. What would the female need to be in order to possibly create a black and tan?

  4. What about the Chocolate Brown.........Dane Puppy.....

  5. LOVE your blog! Also, I guessed "Mumps" in your "Guess The Disease" post--but I'm an ER nurse. ;)

    And thank you so much for your recommendation of my Team Unruly Fear Periods post.

    I'm so happy you enjoyed it!

  6. Have you ever experimented with Acana dry food before? How do you choose the best food for your dog?

  7. Stephanie,
    That sable cocker pictured in your article that you say is a ticked mismark is MY DOG AND THAT IS MY PHOTO. I did not give you PERMISSION to use MY PHOTO. YOU TOOK IT. MY dog is NOT A MISMARK. READ THE AKC STANDARD .You also are incorrect when you say " If a parti is bred to a black or ASCOB, it is basically guaranteed that the puppies will end up having too little white to be shown as a parti and too much white to be shown as a solid." This statement is NOT CORRECT.

    1. Marilyn, your photo on Flickr ( is tagged with a creative commons license, which allows use. It specifically has an Attribution note, and I see that in the post you refer to my credit of the image's source is rather hidden. I'm not sure why I made such a decision over three years ago at the time of posting, but I did. If you would like my to remove your image or better credit it, that is fine. All you had to do was ask. However, if you just do not want people using your images at all, you should change the licensing on Flickr to full copyright. I would also suggest you perhaps take a more calm route toward asking someone to discontinue use in the future as they may not be so open.

      As for mismarks, yes I have read the standard. Sable is indeed a mismark color as it is not solid. The AKC standard states for ASCOBs: "Any solid color other than black, ranging from lightest cream to darkest red, including brown and brown with tan points. The color shall be of a uniform shade, but lighter color of the feathering is permissible." Emphasis on uniform, as the black overlay is sable makes it non-uniform without being the tan points that are very clearly defined later in the standard.

      As for breeding of white markings, time and time again this result has been shown in litters of puppies in breeds where solid colors and extreme whites are presents. My wording is perhaps a bit extreme, but the result is so common that, yes, if a breeder is aiming for a moderate amount of white they are pretty much out of luck.

  8. Thank you for this blog. I enjoy reading your posts.
    Best regards

  9. Hi, I realize this isn't your specialty but.......
    I found you site researching heterchromia because of some odd DNA results I received recently which resurfaced some nagging questions regarding my familiar eye color. So bear with me on the details leading up to my question but any insight (pun intend) or links would be greatly appreciated.
    Here are the facts:

    1. I have green eyes and my 2 older siblings have dark brown eyes. We're all basically caucasian.
    2. Mother and her 2 siblings have dark brown eyes. Her mother dark brown and father believed to have green (died young
    3. Now the twist. Our father has sectoral heterochromia. 1 blue eye and the other 1/2 blue and brown. His brother blue eyes. And paternal grandparents both blue eyed.

    If my parents have brown and blue eyes how did I end up with green (my research says 0% chance) but there's that heterochromia issue.

    And if my paternal grandparents both had blue eyes then how did my dad end up with a section of brown?

  10. We just had two pie bald merles born. Paw Print Genetics is now testing mom and dad. Mom appears to be a normal red merle...and dad is a normal black tri. Would like to email you pics so you can see.

  11. hey i have some questions on your take of the colored dobermans. if you could please email me at