Guess the Genotype Basics

Are you curious about dog genetics?

Image from under a creative commons license

There are quite a few genes that go into making a dog, no matter what the breed(s). For my Guess the Genotype posts, I am only looking at the genes that affect the coat color of man's best friend, and there are quite a lot of them! If you're new to the Musings and are intrigued by my Guess the Genotype posts, I would suggest reading the following items:

Breakdown of Alleles
Which is my "introduction" for those unfamiliar with canine color genetics and includes a full breakdown of loci and alleles (as complete and up-to-date as I can make it). This is a good general resource as I do not mention every allele in every GtG.

Some Notes on Terminology
Which talks about how confusing some terms can be in the dog world, and why I use some in the way that I do. If you are confused by terms, this may help. I will generally use breed-specific terms in relevant posts if they apply.

I plan on adding more items later on, especially if readers seem to be particularly interested. 

Also, I am open to suggestions of pictures to use in future GtG posts, but to help me keep things straight, please e-mail them to me at with the subject "Guess the Genotype Suggestion." Please include the dog's name, gender (if not easily determined due to coat or other factors), and the name you would like me to use when crediting your photos. I'm especially interested in any particularly unusual looking individuals!


  1. Not for GtG, but a Mismark Case Study request:
    What's up with the Flowered Shar-pei? From what I can gather, seems like there's an interesting back story there.

    1. I'm looking into this. Hopefully I'll get the post up soon. I can't believe I keep forgetting to do another case study!