Monday, November 19, 2012


Ebon had a seizure late last night, the first one since October 30, 2011. This is the forth seizure I've witnessed and, unlike the last one, this one was a bit worse. Ebon was sleeping on the floor beside me and he began paddling his legs. I thought he might have been having a vivid dream, but his movement was awfully dramatic and he wasn't woofing like he usually does when dreaming. I went to check on him and noticed his eyes were open. I reached out and touched his side. If he had been dreaming this pretty reliably will wake him up, but he didn't respond. He kept kicking, the muscles in his side twitching as well. After a moment he calmed. It took him a little longer before he let out a heavy sigh and shifted off of his side. This is the first time he didn't respond to me during a seizure. This is also the first seizure where he wasn't standing up during the episode.

The more seizures of his I witness, the more I wonder if I may have missed some in the past. None of them have been particularly violent, and if more had been like this one it's possible I overlooked them. However, so far the incidence of his confirmed seizures has been nearly identical to his brothers that also have epilepsy: once every six months to a year. I was hoping the long span of seizure-free days would continue, but nope. His last three seizures have been slightly more than a year apart. The infrequence is good, and I can only hope that they continue to be this infrequent.

Ebon and I are about to head out to Texas for the holidays. We'll be hanging out with my parents and Siggy. There will be pictures.

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  1. You might look into the connection between rosemary and seizures in dogs. When I took my seizure-prone dog off any food/treats with rosemary in them, his seizure activity dropped off by 80%. He was, ironically, also eating California Natural at the time of his greatest seizure activity.

    Best wishes with Ebon. I know how frustrating seizures can be.