Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Tribute to Hellon

Ebon's mother, Hellon, was put to sleep this morning. She was less than a month away from her fifteenth birthday. Hellon (full name: Hell on Ducks) was a working duck dog in her younger years, though lately as she's gotten older she's been nothing more than a pet. She was a very sweet, obedient dog and much of her temperament was passed on to Ebon. Ebon was from her last litter and spent the first five months of his life living with her and her owner's family. When I first got him he had already almost reached his mother's size. She was only about sixty pounds and it still amazes me sometimes that she produced a dog as big as Ebon.

I cannot describe how fond I've been of Hellon over the years. She was such a wonderful dog who was owned by a great family. She produced my dog, who is like my kid. I know a lot of people speak of their "heart dog," and Ebon, I would say, is mine. He's been with me through a lot of crazy times and always puts a smile on my face. He's always there for me. Since I love him so much, I have also loved his mother. The news of her death left a knot in my stomach that's still there and will take some time to fade. I'm tearing up as I write this. 

I'm going to go give Ebon some love. I hope he lives as long as his mother, but this is a reminder of how terribly brief the time we spend with our pets can be. Ebon is nearly eight and I've been worried for some time about how long his life will be. Being a larger-than-average purebred Labrador, it's possible he could only live ten years. I really would rather not think about that.

Ebon and Hellon in 2006. Ebon had not yet quite reached the size he is now
Hellon in 2009 with her Shih Tzu "sister," PC
Hellon earlier this year, age fourteen


  1. So sorry about Ebon's mom, Hellon. =[

    It is a terrible short time we get to spend with our pets. We just have to love them as much as we possibly can, while we can.

    R.I.P. Hellon.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about Hellon. It sounds like she lived a fulfilling life.

  3. What a beautiful old dog. Her eyes are so expressive. Rest in Peace old girl.

  4. First of all, best name EVER!
    Second, what a gorgeous dog in her younger days and her final days. Labs just have a way of holding on to the cuteness all the way til the end.
    There is a senior chocolate lab at our shelter right now (Gilda, I put her photo on my blog today for ya!) and she is just as cute as she probably always was.

    Rest easy, golden girl.

  5. I'm just now seeing this and am very sorry to hear of Hellon's passing. But so glad you shared her with us!

  6. Is this the last blog we will ever see from you?

  7. Soft husky wooooos, sorry for your loss.