Thursday, June 23, 2011

He Drowned the Mouse

I did it. What's it to ya?
The toy mouse, that is! I went to the dentist earlier today, and when I came back I found this.

This is Albus. He's a mix of who knows what with the most beautiful coloring. He's also cross-eyed. He does things like this on occasion. He's very vocal, and when he "kills" the mouse, he'll wander around the house with it in his mouth meowing at the top of his lungs. I wonder if this happened when he was doing just that and got thirsty, dropping it in the bowl in the process. This is not the first time he's done it, so who knows?

Albus is a very quirky cat. He's the sort of animal that will rub against your leg, and then turn around and bite your ankle. He is quite large, and when he decides to beg for food, it's not unusual for him to rear up on his hind legs and put his paws on the counter to get closer to whatever you have. He never jumps onto the counter, though. He has a jump height maximum which is just over the height of our bar stools, and just under counter height. He's about fourteen pounds and that's with him a bit skinny (he's gaining it back quickly). He had to be hospitalized recently for a urinary tract infection, which is why his front leg is shaved and also why he's a bit skinny right now.

His favorite things are dog food, cheese crackers, meowing at nothing, and annoying Ebon.


  1. My dogs always manage to leave their toys in their water bowl. Sometimes it's clearly "I want a drink now and I don't want to share the toy with the other dogs so I'll drop it here while I drink, oooohhhh water... mmm.... what was I doing again? Hrm, squirrel..." But sometimes I think they just like to clean their toys.

  2. Yeah, My dog's done it too. Playplayplay...water! But....but I've got a ball in my mouth.... Splash! He'll also hold it while he goes to the bathroom.

    But a cat? I do wonder why a cat did it.