Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Places, New Faces

One blister (bottom) today
Sorry for disappearing for a bit like I did, everyone. I have moved to the city and have been unpacking. That's right, Ebon is now a city dog. He's adjusting pretty well, though unfortunately on Saturday my dad was along to help and he took Ebon out to exercise and the dog injured both of his front feet. The largest pads on both of his forepaws blistered on the hot pavement and the blisters then sloughed off. I had to put socks on his feet for two days to help him out and keep him from licking the blisters (which would bleed when he licked). I'm a bit angry, honestly, because this is the fourth time this has happened while the dog was under my father's care. The first time was when he was only seven months old and I yelled at my dad over it. He took him on a four mile run. Who takes a puppy on a four mile run? This has never happened when the dog was under the care of anyone else. It seems that no matter how many times I warn him he just won't listen to me. Luckily, Ebon's soreness is gone and he's not stumping around anymore and the tissue is firming up. His pads are still far from normal, though.

I have a roommate, who also happens to be my brother, and the cats Albus and Ginny were left with my mother. Instead I am now living with my brother's two cats: Jen and Ash, who are half-brothers. There are a few negatives, like no private yard and the dog having to be on-lead all of the time. However, there are several parks nearby, including a dog park, and the city is very dog friendly. I will not miss having to deal with aggressive dogs whose owners have decided it was a good idea to let them run free.
Beginning tomorrow, I will be posting double posts to make up for my time away. 

I leave you with Ebon sacked out at the new place.

He's a very tired puppy

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