Friday, November 18, 2011

What is your favorite?

For those of you who read this blog regularly or semi-regularly: what is your favorite part? Please tell me your favorite theme or topic and why. Also, what would you like to see in the future? Is there anything you haven't liked so far?

I'm open to suggestions as well. If you see an article or some other material you think I should comment on, feel free to send me a link at I am also always open to receiving images for Guess the Genotype. Click "Guess the Genotype Basics" for more information.


  1. I quite like the Guess the Genotype, Unusual Breeds, and the Invasive Species posts. I also like controversial posts regarding the purebred dog community.

  2. Anything about Ebon, Guess the Genotype, Interesting Animals, and Name That Disease.

    I don't do anything with noise or video due to bandwidth restrictions.

    Feel free to use any of the dog photos on my blog for Guess the Genotype.


  3. I like Guess the Genotype, Interesting Animals, Name That Disease, Invasive Species, Crazy Plants... And anything about genetics in general. Pretty much the whole blog.

  4. Here's link which says nice things about you.

    Musings of a biologist and dog lover - This is an awesome blog by a young biologist who has a keen interest in canine coat colour genetics - I've linked to her 'guess the genotype' posts, because I think they're the most interesting for a PI audience, but her other zoological and botanical content are really fascinating too. She explains coat colour genetics in a really clear and accessible way, and I've learnt a lot from reading this blog. You may notice a familiar pointy face as one of her subjects!

  5. I like Guess the Genotype (never comment though) and Interesting Animals and posts about your own pets. Even the gross ones.

  6. Thank you all for your comments. It's good to know what everyone finds the most interesting. I will be trying to post the more popular topics more often and the less popular less often.

    A special thanks to Christopher for providing me with a link. I received a lot of views from that forum recently and I was curious as to see why.