Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ebon's Mother

I was finally able to snag a good picture of her for the blog. Most of the pictures I have or can find aren't so great (example). This is Ebon's mother, Hellon, who will be fifteen this Christmas. She has some mobility issues (what dog this age doesn't?), but she's still doing pretty well. I kept miscalculating her age, but I know for sure now. She has the most fascinating graying pattern. I love looking at old dogs and seeing where and when they gray. A lot of them aren't as extensive as this!

Hellon is about sixty pounds and is a retired working dog, retrieving ducks regularly in her younger days. Ebon was the runt from her last litter and ended up being the biggest of them when he finished growing. She was spayed when he was about a year old. She currently lives with a Shih Tzu, but when Ebon was born she had an elderly Pekingese companion. Image is from her owner, used with permission.
 I bet Ebon will look like this one day.


  1. She looks so elegant and wise! And Ebon is a very handsome fella!
    Lots of love,
    Indigo and Malach the Great Danes.

  2. An excellent age for a large dog.

    I am finding I appreciate my dogs a lot more as they grow older, the complexities of their personalities. Or maybe I just appreciate them more because they spend a little less time getting into trouble :)

  3. Old dogs are wonderful, I agree, and this one is a beauty.

    My previous dog, a gorgeous 30-pound Border collie-type mutt, died at 17. She might even have been older, since we adopted her as a young adult, exact age unknown. My current dog is a shaggy gray terrier-type mutt, adopted 9 years ago as a young adult and currently at least 10 1/2, probably older. His gray color, which varies from pale silver to almost black, makes it hard to see that he is "graying". But I recently realized that his beard has gone mostly white!