Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Say Hello, Willow

Willow on her first day in Georgia
It was tough to decide what topic I wanted to cover on the blog after being gone for so long. After some thought, I thought I should go with something simple.

My parents did a lot of talking about the possibility of getting a second greyhound after Siggy. There was a fair amount of looking through adoptable dogs and back and forth about what sort of dog to get. In the end, Willow was the one who came home.

Siggy, Willow, and Ebon at the big part downtown. The bandage on Willow's leg was from one of the cats deciding he didn't particularly like her. A bit mean of him to come up behind her out of the blue like he did
Willow is only two years old and a tiny little grey, only about 50 pounds when she was pulled from the track. Like Siggy, she was injured some time during her career, but the injury was quite different. Her right rear hock was broken and healed crookedly, so now she doesn't like to bear all of her weight on that side. Also, unfortunately, if she spends too much time running around it starts to hurt and causes her to limp a little.

Ebon and Willow retrieving simultaneously
Despite all of that, Willow is an absolute joy! She's just the happiest little dog. She loves practically everything. Food? Awesome! People? Great! Playtime? The best! Other dogs? Well, only if they don't immediately get in her face when meeting the first time. Amazingly, she even loves playing fetch. Ebon, though at first a little unsure about the whole thing due to his instinctual need to return virtually anything that is thrown, has adapted pretty well to her greater speed. He's pretty okay with her getting to the ball before him. It is kinda of funny to see him pull up short when she goes sprinting away, though. It'as almost like he says, "Nope. Not worth it."

Unlike Siggy, Willow does have a rather high chase drive. It's probably why she loves fetch so much. She learned her name pretty quickly and will come when called within limits. She's the sort of grey I would absolutely love to have when I eventually get one. Not as difficult to tire out as Ebon, but far more energetic than Siggy, who would spend all day sleeping if we let him. He has his moments, especially if other dogs are running around, but golly is he lazy. Willow also doesn't have any of Siggy's quasi-PTSD, so that's always a plus.

I'm pet-sitting everyone this weekend: the two cats and all of the dogs. I might be watching one of the neighbor dogs as well. It should be fun!


  1. Great to see you back! I was getting worried.
    And nice to see the lovely new addition.