Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bath Day

I meant to post this earlier, but I've honestly been too lazy to upload the images until now.

Clean puppy, still damp
The bathtub drain
On Wednesday, I gave Ebon a bath. Nothing special about that. It does amuse me, however, the sheer amount of fur that I get off of that dog every time I bathe him. It tends to look like I murdered a small animal. When balled up, I got a full handful out of the drain (so that's not counting the other handful or so that came out later when he dried out). I realize that Labradors often have more coat than you would expect, but Ebon's coat is very sleek for a Lab.

After the dog gets a bath I always try to go and wash all of the beds and blankets. We actually have quite a lot. There are four dog beds: a lot for one dog, but we had two not so long ago. There's also the blankets that always reside in Ebon's kennel. So, it's a lot to wash. I gathered everything up, piling the uncovered beds on top of the dog kennel to keep them from getting dirty. The covers went in the washing machine and when I turned around I saw something rather predictable in my house:

Albus had hopped onto the pile. That cat gets into everything. As with him drowning his toy mouse, it's more of Albus being Albus. He's very predictable, honestly. He has to hop onto everything, and especially into any box or bag that happens to be on the floor. In doing so, he once managed to get himself caught in a television box. He hopped into it from the back of a chair not realizing the sides were taller than his "jump maximum." He has a very distinctive desperate meow in situations like that.

By the way, that's his "you caught me" face.

I do occasionally subject Ebon to wearing things, though it's usually just a bandana. He looks good in red, so he has his very own red bandana.

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