Sunday, July 17, 2011

Guess the Genotype #8

I forgot to post yesterday. Oops! Two posts today, then...

Can you guess the genotype of this dog? This is an easy one.

Image is copyright-free from Wikimedia Commons.

Read more to see my answer.

This is a boxer named Chloe.

Chloe must be AyAy sable because she has both red and black in her coat and the other genes in the agouti locus are not known in the boxer breed.

This dog must also be EmEm masked. This is because she does in fact have a facial mask. Mask-less boxers are either non existent or nearly so, and as such it is safe to assume that Chloe does not carry either the E (non-masked) or e (recessive red) genes.

Chloe is also a brindle, but is she homozygous or heterozygous for the gene? Her brindle is in the middle range of density. Homozygotes will usually have more dense brindle than heterozygotes, but since she's in the middle it's difficult to tell. Let's say she's kbrk brindle carrying non-brindle.

Lastly, this dog has white on her. Boxers only have the solid S and extreme white piebald sw genes in their population. Heterozygous individuals are the ones called "flashy" by the boxer people due to the fact that they have Irish-style white markings. I suspect Chloe is Ssw solid carrying extreme white. This is because she has white on her face. Solid boxers can have white, but it's nearly always restricted to their chest and paws.

So, that would be AyAy EmEm kbrk Ssw, or masked brindle Irish.

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