Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lizards and Shenanigans

I've been seeing a lot of green anoles (Anolis carolinensis) around here lately (which I mentioned in one of my first posts on this blog). They have always been rather numerous, along with dragonflies (mostly green darners) and green tree frogs they are the creatures I see the most often this time of year. They love to sun themselves on our bricks and hide under anything and everything that may be on the porch.

A green anole in the brown form. They can change color depending on conditions
I was surprised, however, when a hatchling tried to become the newest inhabitant of the house. It lept inside when I opened the door to take Ebon out. I managed to catch it and put it back outside before the cats tried to eat it. We had a snake in the house once, and Albus and Ginny both tried to bite its head off, so I wouldn't put it past them. The anole was a squirmy little thing and kept slipping out between my fingers. I didn't want to harm it because it was so small, though, so I wasn't holding it very tightly. I try to be gentle with them because they will drop their tails if you grab them even momentarily. I've only made that mistake once.

It was smaller than my pinkie finger and panted vigorously after I let it go
On a different note, I swear the mammals only get more insistent in their obsession with cheese crackers. Last time they were only begging a little bit. Today? Well, see for yourself. I mean, really now:

Albus, Ebon, and Ginny in their continued obsession with cheese crackers
I gave Ginny one for being brave today. She isn't always okay with being this close to Ebon and she let him sniff her nose. Ebon was being very polite, so he got one too. He's usually very good about not being too pushy with her and I give him constant praise for good behavior. If he gets too excited I'll call him off (either "Out," "Back," or "Here" depending on the situation and an "Uh-uh!" if he doesn't listen first time). I haven't had to take him by the collar and lead him from the room in years.

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