Thursday, October 27, 2011

Guess the Genotype #29

Today's dog was suggested to me by M.C. of The House of Two Bows. Can you guess his genotype? What about his breed?

Images are copyright to BRAT


Dewgan is currently up for adoption through the Basenji Rescue and Transport as a purebred basenji. M.C. and I did have a short discussion and I found out his parentage is questionable (he came from a backyard breeder). We suspect that he is part terrier, and I think it's likely that it's rat terrier. The two breeds do look relatively similar, especially certain dogs from certain angles. There are several characteristics of Dewgan's that don't fit with the usual basenji type, including his coloring and the structure of his face (for comparison, here's a basenji and a rat terrier). BRAT is a great group, and if you're willing to take a basenji into your home, any one of the dogs on their listings would surely love to be your new best friend. So, what's Dewgan's genotype?

Dewgan is a sable, which is rarely seen in basenjis (even though most of the red dogs are actually clear sable). That's likely why he's listed on BRAT as "red & white with trifactor." It's such an unusual color that it seems most breeders and even the rescue don't quite know what to make of it (the sable pure from 1990's African import dogs are usually described as having a "saddle"). Yet rat terriers are rather commonly seen in sable. Dewgan is most likely either AyAy or Ayat, since tan point is commonly seen. However, red and white is the most common color in basenjis and I'm going to say he's AyAy sable.

The red in Dewgan's coat is very dark, so I suspect that he is CC at the Colored locus, since I suspect carrying any of the other alleles would lighten his coat. That would make him CC deep red. By the way, yes, I'm offically including the C locus in my analyses.

He also has a black mask, another characteristic that is fairly unusual in basenjis, yet is common in the rat terrier.  Since it's unusual in basenjis, I believe Dewgan is EmE or Eme masked. Recessive red is known in both basenjis and rat terriers, however I'm going to say he's EmE masked carrying non-masked.

The last gene that is definitely affecting Dewgan's color is what is causing his white markings. The markings are what is to be expected from the Irish white gene in its homozygous form. Thus, he's most likely sisi Irish white.

So, that's AyAy CC EmE sisi or deep red masked sable with Irish white.


  1. I started a discussion about his "red and white trifactor"-ing on the B'forum, as I was curious what the other breeders had to say about this unusual coloration and how often it legitimately crops up. I intended to point you towards that thread as your cheat sheet.

    Well, my question apparently opened up a can of worms, which is where I learned of the alleged fox terrier parentage behind this line. On paper, he is purebred. And certainly no less worthy of rescue.

    The BYB found the thread and attempted to defend himself and justify his reasons for not doing any health testing on his dogs. You can guess how well THAT went over with the crowd (he didn't even know how to spell Fanconi). Apparently, he felt ganged up on because he had the thread closed and removed, a rare occurrence on the B'Forums, where open discussion usually prevails. What a douche.

    Thanks for the very clear explanation of his genotype!

  2. Oh my goodness. I really don't like it when discussions get out of hand. The nerve of that guy! What sort of excuse did he have for not testing for Fanconi? The tests are quite accurate now, and if breeders do things right it can be eliminated in only a few generations.

    It is possible that he is completely pure, but his type just seems too off. I thought quite a bit about it, and the differences in his face were some of the most noticeable to me. If he isn't pure, then I suspect he's at least 75%. This whole thing makes me think of the fact that I heard a lot of people believe the Wiamuma dogs aren't pure. In my opinion, they probably are pure. They look like big-boned native dogs, which I find quite fascinating.

    Anyway, he does look like a lovely little fellow and I hope he gets a forever home soon.

    And no problem. :)

  3. Yes, the new direct test for Fanconi is extremely heartening. It's still appalling to me that ANY Basenji breeder doesn't test, but that's standard protocol with the BYBs and mills...

    It was hard to understand this guy's rationale, probably because there was no logic to it. He likened the idea of genetic screening to hypochondriacs who run to the doctor whenever they get a fever, and suggested that his way is better because he's able to charge much less for his puppies; those who health test merely do it in order to have another "selling point" for their "commercial" ventures. I think the Blessings of Christ also have something to do with his reasons for rejecting science, but that's mere conjecture on my part... *whistles*

  4. Well I am certainly no expert on basenjis but to me Dewgan is clearly a mix. His face doesn't look much like a basenji at all! Cute though. :)

  5. M.C, I agree. That is extremely frustrating. That man is a complete basket case.

    Romany, it really is pretty obvious if you know what to look for. I think he's cute too, no matter what his ancestry is.

    As with all dogs in limbo, I do hope he gets adopted soon.

  6. i was thinking min pin possibly? In one picture (i found this through google) it looks exactly like a min pin with the basenji. I have 3 basenjis, its definitely basenji. could be the rat terrier, but also possibly min pin. :)

  7. It is quite possible, though he seems to be on the bigger side to me. A touch of miniature pinscher would probably have led to a smaller dog, though that wouldn't be guaranteed. Multi-generation crosses will sometimes heavily favor the majority breed.