Monday, October 3, 2011

For my Own Sanity

For the sake of my own sanity, there will be little science today. It's midterm week and I'm driving myself a little crazy. I have so much information to look over. So, here's some photos to occupy your curiosity.

Here are my roommate (and brother)'s cats. Jen is in front, Ash behind. They're half-brothers and a bit like Laurel and Hardy. Jen is an odd one. He's big and fat and I suspect he has some sort of issue with his brain. He's super affectionate, though, and loves belly rubs. Ash is also sweet, but a little easy to spook. He seems almost fragile because he has a very tiny frame.
Ebon, mid-yawn. It looks like he's sticking out his tongue.
One of Ebon's feet, formerly blistered, now looking perfectly normal.
My new bifocals, with prescription
I'm also wearing bifocals now, as of about 5:30 p.m. today, which is when I was finally able to pick them up. I am very young for it, but yeah... They're helping a lot with the eye strain and difficulties focusing, but they'll take some getting used to. The doctor thinks all of my studying this semester has kind of killed my eyes. So, I blame my professors... Just kidding, not really!

Now, for some tea to calm my nerves before I return to my studies.


  1. By the power of Ebon's toehawks, may you ace all your midterms!!

  2. Thank you, I hope I do. :)

    And, actually I don't know if they're Bolo marks or not. I thought there were spots found right above the metacarpal pad rather than between the toes? I do remember when his breeder and I looked over all of the puppies in his litter, and found out that he happened to be the only one without any white beyond a little between his toes, which has spread a bit with age. One of his siblings had the metacarpal spots, though.