Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Guess the Genotype #28

Can you guess this dog's genotype? What about her breed?

Image provided to me by J. Burns of Ghostfire Photography, and is copyright to him

This little girl's name is Celest, and she is an American cocker spaniel with a twist. I've been told by her owner that she's actually one-forth Australian shepherd (which can be seen in certain pictures of her)! So. What's her genotype?

Since the tan point phenotype is fairly common in the cocker, and since it appears to be fixed in the Aussie, I am going to guess that she is atat tan point at the agouti locus. However, this is not a gene that would actually be apparent in her phenotype.

Even though it's difficult to tell due to the lighting in this photo, she actually has liver pigmentation! Since this is true, she has to be bb liver.

What is causing her red coloration is most likely ee recessive red. This is the cause of nearly every red cocker you will see, and Celest also shows such things as red whiskers and no apparent black (or black dilute) hairs on her body.

As for white, I believe that Celest is carrying Irish white. Though it's possible she isn't, if she is indeed part Australian shepherd there is a fifty-fifty chance that she carries it. That would make her Ssi solid carrying Irish.

So, that's atat bb ee Ssi or liver-pigmented red (hiding tan point and carrying Irish white).

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