Thursday, October 6, 2011

More Cockroaches (Plus a Cycad)

I'm sure you're tired of them by now, but I promised a picture of the babies, so here we go. There are currently a total of fourteen. There were more than a few skin sheds in the terrarium (they shed in mass recently and I forgot about it) which threw off my estimate.

I washed out an empty vitamin bottle for this picture, and apparently there was still some water in it. The ones on their backs are stuck in the droplets!
Lola and Brigite in the smaller terrarium during the cleaning. I'm sure they were glad to not have the babies crawling on their backs for a change,
A bad picture of the newly cleaned terrarium. Can you spot an adult and a baby? By the way, a trick of the trade: that fuzzy smear at the top is actually Petroleum Jelly, which keeps the babies from climbing out. I've learned from experience that they can fit through the slits in the lid. It's generally a good idea to use it for adults too if your lid doesn't clip on like mine does. They are quite strong and can push open a non-latchable lid, even if it seems secure.

I also got a shot of one of the cardboard palms on campus today. Enjoy!

It hasn't gotten below about sixty degrees so far. Depending on this winter's severity, this plant may end up dead.


  1. So you're a fan of Gina Lollobrigida, or are Lola and Brigite just a coincidence? Maybe you can name the next one Gina and pretend it wasn't just random. :c)

  2. It's just a coincidence, but I could. The names were honestly completely random, except for the first two I had named: Thelma and Louise.