Thursday, May 23, 2013

Running Free in North Carolina

Finally posting these. I went to North Carolina with my family over the weekend. My father found us a series of trails through a forested area that was surrounded by fencing where we let the dogs go. This is the first time I've seen the greys have a chance to do this.

Happy dogs
It was a warm day after a lot of heavy rain and Ebon took a dip in every patch of water we came across. Willow was having an absolute blast. We don't trust her off lead very much yet, for good reason, so this was a treat for her. She saw the long stretch of sand that was the trail and decided it was a good day to run, probably recalling her track days. All three of them ran while we were there. Willow was by far the most entertaining. She was the first to run, and the other two would take off after her. Then, when they got too far away I was very happy to see how quickly she responded to a whistle. Her recall is surprisingly good, but I have no idea how that would change if there was something interesting to chase. Ebon was keeping up with the greyhounds rather well, but they weren't really even trying to run as fast as they can.

Willow also found a huge mud puddle that she decided was a fun thing to run through. The thing was pretty shallow for the most part and she was having a blast running through it until the water deepened and then she froze, not knowing what to do. I don't think she knows how to swim very well. The boys seemed like they rushed to her aid, though Siggy wasn't so sure about the deeper water either. Ebon happily joined her in the puddle and they both then made their way to dry ground.

Poor Willow doesn't know her limits, unfortunately. Her poorly healed back leg is a frequent issues since she just wants to go and go, but the more she runs the more likely it will hurt. She ran until she limped and my father carried her much of the way back to the car.

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