Monday, May 13, 2013

Dog Park Day

The always ball-obsessed Ebon with Ebon Look-a-Like, Momma and Daughter Shepherds, Pekinese Mix, The Catahoula Leopard Dog, and Ebon's Chuckit
Ebon and I went to the dog park today, along with Siggy, Willow, and my mom. This is the first time I've remembered to try to take pictures of dogs in general. I've failed miserably other times. I swear today was the Day of the Retrievers as there were, proportionately, about five times more retrievers and retriever mixes there than I've seen in the past. There's been a Day of the Pit Bulls too. I've also discovered I tend to give dogs descriptive names while I'm there, partly so I know who to keep my eyes on I think.

One of the watering stations. Siggy's the white blob to the right and Willow's drinking in the middle. Also included are Mini Ebon, Very Noisy Beagle, Chocolate Lab, and Blue Pit with Block Head
Also at the park today: Ball Thief Husky, Isabella Doberman with Alopecia, Very Dark Golden, Cattle Dog Mix the Owner Swears is a Catahoula, Basenji Mix, Intact Pit that Really Needs to be Neutered, Scaredy Cat Lab/Pit, Pointer with Blue Eye, Constantly Muddy Golden, Pug with a Death Wish, Black Norwegian Elkhound, Humpy Beagle, Collie with Frisbee, and many more.

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