Thursday, April 26, 2012

Car Back? Adventure Time!

I haven't mentioned, but my car's been having some issues for a while now. I even took it in and the service center thought they had fixed the problem, but hadn't and when I informed them they had no idea what the problem could be. This culminated in me taking the car in last Thursday so that the mechanics could try one last time to figure out what in the world was wrong. I got the car back today, completely better and driving like brand new. So, I took Ebon out to campus to celebrate. We had a nice, hour-long walk, circling around to a number of parts of campus Ebon had not yet been to, including several of the gardens. So, on to the ridiculous amount of photographs.

Ebon outside one of the buildings, watching the people
A roly-poly I found in the International Garden
Juniperus formosana in the Conifer Garden
Can't read plaque, but another species in the Conifer Garden
Marsilea macropoda in one of the gardens
Ebon on a bench in the Primitive Garden
Lepisorus bicolor in the Fern Garden
Same as above. Can you find the sori in the larger version?
Selaginella unicinata in the Fern Garden (not a fern, but related)
Ephedra tweediana in the Primitive Garden
Tired Ebon outside of the Science building
After dropping off the bags, we went to have a peek at the pond. It's come to life! The frogs were peeping furiously and the brush is no longer brown. Ebon seemed like he wanted to go for a swim, but I didn't bring a ball. Or a towel.
Sunset over campus. The experimental banana orchard is in front.
It was fun. Hopefully I'll get a chance to go to somewhere different soon.

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