Thursday, April 12, 2012

Guess the Genotype #63

Can you guess the genotype of the dog in the front of this photo? What about its breed?

Image is from under a Creative commons license

This dog appears to be a Siberian husky that has been bred for sledding. Its color is fairly common in the breed and is known as "light red." So, what's the genotype?

To begin, this dog appears to be sable. Though the dog is possibly agouti, the agouti gene is believed by most people in the husky breed to be unusual. Indeed, the huskies that are actually described as agouti look quite different. This may simple be a difference in the shade of red in the coat rather than the placement of black. However, those in the breed describe only the dogs they call agouti as having banded hairs, which would follow the normal expectations for the agouti gene and make all other dogs sable or tan point. For this GtG I'll be going with the common assumptions and say this dog is sable. Though its possible she may be carrying the agouti or tan point genes, I am going to assume she is AyAy sable.

Next, this dog clearly has no black hairs, but instead the overlay of color along her back is liver. This fits with what is expected of the light red color in the breed. As such, she must be bb liver.

The red in this dog's coat is also very diluted, to the point of being nearly white. However, there does appear to still be a hint of cream to parts of the body, so I am going to assume this dog is cece extreme chinchilla.

Unlike a lot of huskies, this dog does not have one of the Spotting alleles altering its "mask." Though its still possible that Irish white is acting on the dog's chest and legs, it doesn't seem likely as the dark marks across the chest aren't broken by white. I suspect this dog is SS solid.

This dog also appears to possibly have urajiro, a paling of the red in a coat is a similar location to the points on a tan pointed dof. The faint cream tint in the coat is restricted to the main body, with the face and legs appear more white. I suspect this dog is xx urajiro.

So, that's AyAy bb cece SS xx or extreme chinchilla liver sable with urajiro or light red, as its known in the breed.


  1. hi! don't completely understand why the white color on this dog is caused by ce (that dilutes only red pigment) why's the rest of coat red, not diluted to white? was just comparing to black-and white huskies, if they're atat ce, for example, so what about red ones? as I know, huskies don't have irish spotting as well. what do you think?