Sunday, November 27, 2011

Vacation Wrap-Up (image heavy)

For the last several days I was in Mississippi, visiting my grandparents and enjoying my Thanksgiving. We got to meet my dad's new retired racing greyhound, Siggy. Siggy's a great dog, though still learning to relax and just be a dog. Ebon handled the entire trip pretty well, but on Friday (after a lot of romping around and eating too much people food and treats) he had some soft stool, so I stole a can of pumpkin to get him better. It worked like a charm.

Anyway, on to the pictures:

On the drive out, at the first sign of hills! Since I live on flat land, hills are kind of a big thing.
My introduction to Siggy. He slept most of the time, and liked to be in the kitchen while food was being prepared. Of course, greyhound are infamous counter surfers so we were continuously guarding food and watching him. Despite that, he sneakily managed to nab a few items. He stole the plastic bag our leftover turkey had been in, and I got it back from him with only a little coaxing. He also got hold of a wooden spoon that had been used to make soup and bit it in half.
Ebon, exhausted after a nice game of fetch. He got so much exercise while we were gone that he's currently crashed out on his bed by my feet.
More Siggy, showing his gorgeous brindle patch and his missing toe. His foot was injured during his racing career and the toe had to be amputated. The collar came free with his adoption, and we're all amused that it's not just pink, but hot pink.
Ebon enjoying a rawhide my dad gave him.
Ebon and Siggy begging for treats.

Siggy begging for attention.

During the trip Ebon was ridiculously happy thanks to all of play and the walks and hikes we took. I have a very extensive family, a portion of which lives in the area we visited. One of my great uncles owns a large tract of land where we went for a couple of long walks. Ebon was able to be off lead, and he reveled in being able to go and sniff everything in sight. He has quite good off lead "trail manners" and never strayed out of sight. Despite the temptings of wildlife sights, sounds, and especially smells. There's a pond on the land and he got to go for a little dip, though the water was deeper than either of us expected and he needed help to get back to dry land. One of my great aunts is a nun (yes, a nun) and we went to her place of residence: a small house set behind the center at which she works. The woman is eighty-three and over the past few years she cut a trait, by hand, through the woods behind the convent and associated buildings. We took a hike along this trail with the dogs. I'm still amazed at how spry she is! We also took a walk around my grandparents' neighborhood, which unfortunately involved being chased by dogs that some of the neighbors let run loose. I can't express how frustrating that situation is.

Ebon by an old barn on the convent grounds. The oldest buildings date back to the late 1800's, and the stable housed the horses they used for transportation.
Ebon resting on my great aunt's porch.
Ebon and Siggy and my great aunt's. I think it's funny that this makes Ebon look bigger. Siggy is several inches taller than Ebon, though Ebon has about nine pounds on him.
My dad and Siggy on my great uncle's land.
Ebon and Siggy on my great uncle's land. I did get a picture of Ebon trotting along the road but it didn't come out.
Ebon's paw prints in the mud on the same road. Siggy's paw prints are quite interesting due to the missing toe, but you can't see them here.
A beautiful sky on the way home.
Ebon in the car only a few miles from home. He was starting to know where we were and was excited to get out and stretch his legs.
I had a great time, though I ate too much food. Ebon also had a blast. Getting to hand around with Siggy was a lot of fun, since for my next dog I plan to get either a basenji or a greyhound.

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