Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Guess the Genotype #33

Can you guess the genotype of this dog? What about its breed? It's more complicated than you may at first think!

Image provided to me by J. Burns of Ghostfire Photography, and is copyright to him

This handsome fellow's name is Odie, and I have been told he is an Australian shepherd/Labrador retriever mix. This appears to be probably the case, thanks to his coloration, coat texture, and general body type. So, what's his genotype?

If you look closely at his coloration, Odie appears to be tan pointed. It is a quite common coloration in Aussies, and is also one of the most common mismarks in Labs. Recessive black is most likely not present in either breed, This would make him atat tan pointed.

Odie is also clearly liver in coloration, which is again present in both breeds. This would make him bb liver.

As for color intensity, the red seen on his body appears to be moderate to pale. Aussies generally have intense red markings, while Labs are generally in the more pale side of the red spectrum. I suspect that he is probably Ccch pale red.

It is possible that Odie is carrying recessive red due to the Labrador portion of his ancestry. The color also appears occasionally in the Aussie. I am going to say that he is Ee normal color carrying recessive red.

Odie also seems to have brindle striping in his tan points, which is another common mismark in Labradors. This seems to be particularly noticeable on the hind leg that is visible. Since the coloration is only rarely seen in Aussies, I suspect that he is kbrk brindle carrying non-brindle.

He is also obviously a merle. The merle gene is quite common in Aussies, and due to his ancestry and also his appearance he must be Mm merle.

Odie also appears to have come white markings. Since Labs are almost exclusively solid and Aussies are almost exclusively Irish marked, it is not surprising that he only has a splash of white down his chest and some white on his toes. He is most likely Ssi solid carrying Irish white.

The white that Odie does have is far from clear, and has definite spots. As such, he must have a copy of the ticking gene. Since Aussies are usually not ticked, I suspect that he is Tt ticked carrying non-ticked.

Last, but not least, Odie is also expressing the tweed gene! The rust patch seen on his shoulder is a dead giveaway, since tweed adds extra shade of color onto the body of a merle dog. The genes is quite possibly exclusive to the Aussie, and as such it makes sense that Odie would be part Aussie, and also that he must be Ww tweed carrying non-tweed.

So, that's atat bb Ccch Ee kbrk Mm Ssi Tt Ww or brindle pointed tweed merle with ticked white markings (moderate-pale red carrying non-brindle, non-ticked, non-tweed, Irish white, and recessive red).

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