Friday, November 11, 2011

Drawing Animals: Nudibranch

Nudibranchs or sea slugs are a kind of opithsobranch mollusc and vary greatly in size, shape, and color. This, specifically, is Glaucus atlanticus, which is actually usually found living on the bodies of the Portugese man-o-war and other similar colonial cnidarians (such as the by-the-wind sailor). The coloring  and shape of the animal is such that it blends in well with its host's body. It actually feeds on the dangerous tentacles of its host, and the stinging cells get incorporated into the projections that come off of the body. As such, if you find one washed up on a beach, treat it with the same caution you would any cnidarian (including jellyfish, box jellies, and the man-o-war and their relatives).

My interpretation


  1. Sea slugs are really beautiful and not at all like their icky land-dwelling relatives!

  2. Wow. I'd half expect that thing to fly.

    I will also forever associate "Nudibranch" with the loudest band that has ever assaulted my eardrums. They were a hardcore band from I think Virginia. Fierce music that doesn't at all match the fantastical appearance of these creatures.

  3. Pai: They are much more appealing than "land slugs," and are also not in the same classification. Sea slugs are Opithsobranchs, while land slugs are Pulmonates. Both groups are Gastropods, however.

    M.C.: They do look like their could fly! I never thought of that, oddly enough. I do think it's an appropriate concept, though, as they almost fly through the water when looking for a host animal.

    I do think Nudibranch would be a good band name. Seems like a shame that the name doesn't really match the music at all (I looked them up...not my sort of thing).

  4. I like them you know because they are pertty cool so you know and my friend like them to I am not kiding because I love them so much because beautiful they are so awesome