Monday, November 14, 2011

Recent Happenings

Things have been pretty busy as of late. As always, the later part of the semester is always the busiest, which is why I missed several post days recently. Luckily, most of my major assignments have been completed and turned in and I can turn to less exhausting ways of keeping myself busy.

Anyway, on to some pictures of the fuzzy creatures in my life.

Ebon at the vet before getting his yearly vaccinations early this month. He knows the place well, and really doesn't like being there. He gets extremely anxious and basically forgets all of his training. He jumps and whines and trots in circles and pulls at the leash. I've been trying to work with him on that. At least he's not fear-aggressive at all!
This is Jen, one of my brother's cats, who has been introduced previously. Jen is the perpetually-happy, bigger, older brother. I believe he is fifteen years old. When I say perpetually happy, I mean perpetually happy. He is nearly constantly purring and trying to rub his face all over you. He loves belly rubs and if you touch him he'll attack you with love. His meow is a bit odd, since he really more screams than anything else. His purr is also quite loud. He usually has this odd wide-eyed look on his face, which I call "The Jen Face." He's a very unusual cat, and honestly one of the best words to describe him is "simple."
For contrast, here is Ash, who has also been mentioned before. Ash is the more mellow, smaller, younger brother. I believe he is fourteen years old. He's a petite, quiet little fireball who chirps like a bird when he meows. His favorite place is in your lap (which is where he is in this picture). He's very kitten-like in appearance but not in temperament, and probably has some sort of condition that made him so small and finely boned. He's the problem-child when it comes to relations with Ebon. Usually, they're fine with each other now, but when we first introduced them he was the one to swat at the dog.
Ebon being good and waiting for his dinner today. I make him do a little "work" for every meal. Usually it's tricks, sometimes it's waiting for thirty seconds or more, other times I give him a food puzzle.
And, of course, I did change my banner image. It's from a nice walk Ebon and I took a while ago now.
Ebon loves his backpack! Here's it's only weighted with two liters of water (about four and a half pounds of weight). I would like it to be a bit heavier, probably eight to ten pounds. This is actually part of the same trail I mentioned before.

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