Sunday, December 25, 2011

Even More Adventures

I took Ebon out to yet another park (this one by my parents' house) on Christmas Eve. He's been there before, many many times. Part of the reasons for it was the need to break in his new pack a little bit.
Happy Ebon on a fifteen foot wooden overlook that provides a nice view of the marsh. There's a nice three mile path encircling the marsh. Ebon loves his pack! I'm slowly working him up in weight, and six-and-a-half pounds didn't phase him. To get to the overlook Ebon had to climb stairs. I still remember when he used to be afraid of stairs. Taking some time, making them fun, and providing lots of praise and cookies made all the difference.

This sign is there for a reason!
My father and Siggy came along as well. We had fun and the dogs came home tired. The park used to allow dogs off leash, but doesn't any longer. I wonder sometimes why they made that decision. Unlike many of the other parks, this one is in a rural area and there is little risk of dogs running into streets or bothering people in their homes. However, there are always the alligators. And the snakes, including several venomous species. I don't think anyone wants their dog getting injured by either one of those reptiles. I have seen both at this park on numerous occasions, including a couple of very sizable alligators. One of which was at least seven feet. However, winter sends them into hibernation so it's far less likely to come across one.

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