Monday, December 19, 2011

Guess the Genotype #39

Can you guess Siggy's genotype?

For those who don't already know, Siggy is my father's retired racing greyhound. His genotype is simple, but interesting.

To begin with, Siggy must be AyAy sable. This is due to his expression of both red and black pigment. In addition, it appears that sable is the only variation of the Agouti locus that is present in the breed.

The red seen in Siggy's coat is rather rich and intense, and as such I suspect he is Cch moderately intense.

Though it is possible that he may be carrying either the liver or blue dilutions, there is little evidence for this in his pedigree (one great-great-grandfather was blue, but the likelihood that the gene continued on through so many generations is rather low). As such, I suspect Siggy is BB DD non-liver/blue.

Next, though it is difficult to see in certain images, Siggy actually has a mask! It is of moderate intensity and can only barely be seen in his patch, but it is definitely there. Again, when looking at his pedigree, I suspect that he only has one copy of the masking gene. with the other gene on the Extension locus being the non-masked. This would make him EmE masked carrying non-masked.

Siggy is also brindle, as can clearly be seen in his one large patch of color. Since both parents are brindle, and all but one grandparent as well, I suspect that he is homozygous for the gene. This would make him kbrkbr brindle.

The gene that explains why he is almost entirely white is the white spotting gene. Specifically, Siggy is extreme white piebald, showing the expected near complete absence of color associated with the gene. As such, he must be swsw extreme white piebald.

Last, but not least, he is ticked. Even though he is not listed as being ticked on his pedigree, the spots are clearly there (thought he majority are faint). I find this quite fascinating since, on close inspection, you can see faint brindle stripes by connecting the similarly-colored ticking spots. I do suspect that Siggy only has one copy of the gene. This would make him Tt ticked carrying non-ticked.

So, that's AyAy BB Cch DD EmE kbrkbr swsw Tt or extreme white piebald masked brindle ticked (with moderately intense red, carrying non-masked and non-ticked).


  1. Do you know vetgen is now doing color DNA testing?? I just had my very odd Borzoi tested, waiting on the rest, but it's so neat to see the colours that they carry that might not be expressed :)

    1. I thought that they had been doing that for a little while.

      There are still a number of colors that have not yet been located in the canine genome, but yes. It's amazing how much we know already and how much science is capable of.