Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Guess the Genotype #33

I came to the realization that I skipped #33 while numbering my GtG posts, so that's why this post is numbered as thirty-three.

A friend of mine recently took in a foster dog who had been seized as part of a cruelty case. He received the name Anaheim (after the pepper) because he must have been somewhat fiesty to survive his previous lack of care. Extremely underweight and suffering from several medical issues, this little fellow is on his way to recovery. I hope he is better soon. You can read more about his case over at The Spotting Ghost.

So, can you guess his genotype? What about his breed? 

Images provided to me by J. Burns of Ghostfire Photography, and are copyright to him

Anaheim is suspected to be a poodle mix, but with what there is some question. It's possible he's part cocker spaniel, though it's difficult to tell. It should be much easier to guess his breed after he's gained back some much-needed weight. Now, on to the genotype guessing.

My friend suspects that Anaheim has tan points, and on close examination of the above images I can see why. He does appear to have red hair on the edges of his ears and on his legs. Also, there does appear to be a hint of red on his face. However, I suspect that a mask is obscuring much of it. Anyway, to have tan points he must be atat tan pointed.

Anaheim is clearly liver, especially with a nose and eye rims that are clearly not black. Though his coat is in very bad condition, it is still quite possible to discern the liver pigment. As such, he must be bb liver.

The red that Anaheim does seem to have on his body appears to be very dark. As such, he is most likely CC dark red.

As I mentioned before, I suspect that he has a mask, which would explain why the points on his face would be so difficult to discern. It is also possible that he carries recessive red due to the poodle and possible cocker ancestry. And, yes, masking is seen in both of those breeds. As such, I'm going to say that he is Eme masked carrying recessive red.

Lastly, I was informed that Anaheim has a little white star on his chest. This is not an uncommon occurrence in dogs who have the solid genotype, and is called "residual white" due to the often unexpected appearance of the spot. This would make him SS solid (with residual white).

So, that's atat bb CC Eme SS or masked red pointed liver with residual white.

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