Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ebon has been Happy Lately

So, my semester ended as of this past Monday and since then I've been busy. The condo is getting a major clean and purge because it needed it, but more importantly, Ebon's getting to have more fun. Today we went on another little adventure near my campus. There's a wide open area on the opposite end of campus to the trail I've talked about before (twice), which includes a large pond and a long drainage ditch. We headed out and had a nice little adventure down in a hidden pocket of wilderness in the middle of the city. The ditch once housed a beaver damn, and it's covered in animal tracks, most of which appeared to be raccoon. There's also fish and other creatures that live in the water. I saw a few wild animals, including a gorgeous great blue heron that Ebon was really interested in. They are such graceful creatures.

Ebon in the ditch. He's really good at climbing up and down steep embankments, having a much easier time than I did due to the looseness of the sandy soil. I'm a bit ridiculously familiar with this ditch. During my undergrad I spent numerous days traversing the area in and around it, collecting various and sundry specimens or making other observations. I once even saw a white Ibis flying over head and helped find a colony of the non-native Cyphomyrmex rimosus ants on the bank.
Ebon by the pond. The brown on the surface is duckweed, which is normally bright green in warmer months. If I remember right, the pond is man-made, so there is no risk of suck things as alligators. However, during my freshman year a snapping turtle was released into the pond. I don't know if it's still around. The trees in the distance separate this area from a major road, one of the most-used in the city. The campus itself is off to the left.
Another fun little thing Ebon's been getting to do recently is try a bunch of new treats! Part of this was me doing Christmas shopping. I decided to get all of the animals I know some treats, and for the doggies Ebon turned into my taste tester. So, what did he get to taste? Well, the dogs are all getting goodie bags of Canyon Creek Ranch duck tenders and Beefeater sweat potato fries. I picked them partly because they were limited ingredient (dried duck breast with vegetable glycerin and natural flavor, and sweet potatoes only, respectively) and because they, frankly, sounded good. What dog doesn't like meat? And as for the sweet potatoes, it's like a healthy candy. Ebon's vigerously wagging tail was proof that he liked them.

Some of the goodie bags. Big ones for big dogs, small ones for small dogs.
On top of that, Ebon is getting a few things this Christmas. He's getting a replacement for his old Kong Squeaker tennis ball (his most favoritest thing in the whole wide world), a bag of treats (I forgot the brand, they've already been boxed up), one of the chicken & something formulas of Simply Nourish canned foods for his Christmas dinner (also already wrapped), and a couple of True Chews bully sticks. I decided that one of those bully sticks would be an early present, so enjoy Ebon and his very first bully stick!

I love this picture! It's proof that he can be a very drooly Lab. He started drooling like mad as soon as I opened the packaging for the bully stick and he got a whiff of the smokey smell coming from the pizzle. He didn't know how to go about chewing it at first (rawhides are so different in shape), but he absolutely loved it. However, it didn't last as long as I would have liked, so I'll be getting braided bully sticks next time.
I had a bunch more pictures, but I was having difficulties getting them uploaded. They might appear some time in the future.


  1. How great to find you own little private refuge to explore.

  2. My local petshop has recently gotten in those True Chew bully sticks. I like them a LOT better than the no-name bully sticks found elsewhere. They don't stink, that I've noticed, for starters, and seem to be much healthier than some others I've tried.
    Since Conker goes through them so quickly, I tend to buy the smaller ones and only let him chew half, then I take it away and give it back later or I hack it up if I feel like doing something.

  3. Jen, it's actually quite easy to get to, but I don't know how many people actually know about it! The Biology department at the college certainly does. One of the paths down to it butts up against the green house and several plots set aside for department use. There's a partial fence that's mainly meant to differentiate the campus from a nearby neighborhood. If you go to the ditch the campus is on one side and the neighborhood on the other.

    Losech, I was really quite happy with them other than how quickly he went through one. I haven't had a chance to check out any other brands as it was the only one available when I bought them, so I'll definitely have to keep that in mind. Stinkiness is always a down side. As for size, well, I'll figure it out. Ebon's a big boy, so I'm used to his chew toys being much larger in diameter than a regular bully stick. That's one of the reasons I think a braided one would be a better idea, especially if I do cut them into smaller chunks.