Friday, March 9, 2012

Adventures: First Day Back

On the bike path
As I prefaced yesterday, I took Ebon out on his first adventure since he broke a tooth. I took him back to campus, since it's honestly the easiest of the places to take him. Despite the heat (it was over 80!), he did great. His leg didn't bother him at all and he was definitely having a blast. I forgot to bring drinking water, though, so I ended up breaking open the bottles I was using as ballast so that Ebon would keep cool and hydrated. I tasted it and the water was perfectly fine, but since it had been sitting in the bottles for some time it tasted more than a bit like plastic. I'm going to need to work at getting him used to the heat since it's only going to get hotter. We've had such a mild winter I think it's thrown everyone out of sync, including myself. However, knowing Ebon, he should be used to the heat rather quickly. I just need to not be stupid next time and remember to bring water to drink. I was very thirsty myself when the walk was over.

During one of the water breaks. The puddle is what didn't go into the dog's mouth.
Another water break by one of the campus fountains. I wouldn't trust letting him drink from those fountains. This one had a bunch of trash people had thrown into it. Stupid people.
Another break in one of the gardens. He was panting pretty hard at this point, so I took off the bags and let him cool down.
After some time in the shade and some more water he was feeling a lot better.

The modified pack worked out great. I'm super happy with it, especially since I can take the bags off for a break like I did today. It's a lot easier than taking off the entire harness, since you have to maneuver it around one foreleg. I only had about five pounds in the pack today to test it out, but the stitching was holding quite well. It also didn't shift at all, which is one thing I was a bit worried about.

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