Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Guess the Genotype #12

Today's GtG images were provided by Christopher over at BorderWars. Can you guess this dog's genotype?

This dog is rather striking mix, probably at least half Labrador. Please see the edit at the end of this post as to the dog's heritage. Here's what I believe his genotype to be:

Though in the close up of the dog's face it looks as though he may in fact have liver pigmentation, I don't believe he does. In some photographs my Labrador Ebon, who definitely has black pigment, can have his eye rims, nose, and paw pads appear nearly identical to this dog as seen in the closeup. As such, this dog is either BB or Bb non-liver. Since he is more than likely part Labrador, it is very possible he carries liver. Since Ebon does (his mother is chocolate), I am going to say this dog does too and is thus Bb non-liver.

This is another case where this red dog appears to not be a sable, but instead a recessive red. There is no evidence of black fur in his coat at all. As such, he must be an ee recessive red.

This dog has white in a classic Irish pattern. Though it is possible he is sisi homozygous Irish, I don't think that is the case. Instead, since he appears to be very much of a Labrador type, I believe he is probably Ssw solid carrying extreme white piebald. This genotype can easily manifest as an Irish-type marking pattern, as is so often seen in the "flashy" coloration of the boxer breed. It is also possible this dog could be Ssp solid carrying piebald, but I believe extreme white is more likely.

He is also ticked, and is most likely Tt ticked rather than TT because he is a mix.

So, this dog is most likely Bb ee Ssw Tt or Red and Irish white with ticking.

So, now another question that can be addressed is what is his mix? Labrador can almost be guaranteed, but I am unsure what else he may have in him. I think pointer, Brittany, or another breed of that type is most likely.

EDIT: This dog is in fact a blackmouth cur. This does change the probability of at least one gene, namely the white spotting. Instead of Ssw it is most likely Ssi or sisi. There may be other genes to take into account, but this is the one I believe is the most likely to be different.


  1. I inquired with the owners what his breeding might be, their response was "Blackmouth Cur" ... a breed I am totally unfamiliar with.

  2. Oh? That is quite interesting. I'm editing the post to make note of this.

    From what I am aware, and mind you my knowledge on this subject is rather limited, curs are more a type than a breed. They were originally purpose-bred mutts and the various register-able curs are all from specific lines.