Saturday, August 6, 2011

Guess the Genotype #13

Can you guess this dog's genotype?

This is Hank, my significant other's family's dog. He's an approximately 18 inch tall "Jack Russell," though I believe he is actually an over-sized Parson Russell Terrier because of the length of his legs.

Hank is saddle marked under all that white, which you can tell because of the ticking he has. On his legs extending up to his hips and shoulders the spots are tan in color. It is possible he carries tan point under the saddle markings, since that is a rather common color in the breed. I suspect he is asat saddled carrying tan point.

He also appears to have a black mask, though faint. Since masking is not overly common in the breed, I believe Hank is most likely EmE masked carrying non-masked.

Clearly, Hank has a lot of white on him with only the patch on his head and one on his far side. As such, He must be swsw extreme white piebald.

Hank also has ticking, though not very dense. I suspect he is Tt ticked rather than TT because there are not very many Parsons with ticking.

So, that's asat EmE swsw Tt or extreme white piebald saddled red with mask and ticking (white, black, and tan ticked).


  1. Jack Russell Terriers are actually quite variable in types.

    Regarding Parson Terriers, I still consider them as Jack Russell Terriers nonetheless because of the history-- they only split because the Jack owners didn't want their breed to participate in a major dog show.

    Mind you... they are all Fox Terrier derivatives once you get down to the gritty details.

  2. That's very true. However, Hank is the biggest Jack Russell I have ever seen by a large margin, and I don't mean because he needs to loose weight. He'd be big even for a fox terrier. It makes me curious as to his ancestry. The main reason I said Parson Russell is because he is so very tall and Jack Russells usually have shorter legs.

  3. I love these phenotype posts, they're so interesting! I will admit that color genetics is generally over my head.

    I think I found a good candidate for a future entry here. =)

  4. Thanks! They're a lot of fun to do.

    I will use the image for the next GtG. I would have done it for today's post, but I had already picked one out.

  5. I obtained a Jack Russell (aka Parson's) from the Shelter in Camarillo, Calif. two years back, nobody wanted him because he had a bite record, but he is a wonderful and faithful companion. The reason I found your page was simple, our JRT's name is Hank also.