Saturday, May 12, 2012

Updates on Ebon

Ebon threw up yesterday.

It may have been a consequence of his other behaviors that morning. I fed him like normal, and after he eats he usually drinks a lot of water and then lays down for a little while. It's probably best that he does this since activity shortly after eating is one of the things that can bring on bloat. However, after I fed him I started packing some things up to go to my parent's house. He saw me grab his pack and, knowing it usually means fun times, followed me around the entire time, missing his normal morning water and lay down. When I finished, I threw on his harness and grabbed everything to load up the car and go. I opened the car door and tossed the laptop bag and Ebon's things in, then I heard the hurk-hurk noise that always comes before puke. I turned around just in time to see him deposit half of his breakfast onto the pavement. Then, a few seconds later came the second half. It happened about ten minutes after he ate. I'm just glad it wasn't in the car.

It's possible that this might be related to the food he's been eating, but it's difficult to say. It may have been the change in the normal routine or some other factor that I'm unaware of. Just as a precaution, he's been on a bland diet of rice and ground beef for the past day and a half. I'll be beginning him back on the food tonight and will be watching him to see if he reacts to it. If he throws up again, or shows any other symptoms, I will be returning the food and switching to something else. The major reason why I'm willing to continue the food is that, other than the singular puke, he's been acting completely normally. No other digestive issues, change in energy level or thirst, or anything else I can see.

Since he'd been acting normally for over twenty-four hours since he threw up, I took him out so I could test out his new Kong as a retrieving toy. Ebon still loves to retrieve it, especially since it bounces rather unexpectedly. Even though the toy is larger, he can still carry it without any problems.

Not-so patiently waiting for me to throw it
Happily chasing the toy
When he had enough, he flopped down n the shadow of the house.
I'm hoping he continues to be asymptomatic. He hasn't really thrown up since he was about two, which is part of the reason it was so unexpected.

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