Monday, June 4, 2012

Cool Animal Sounds: Red Fox

Below is a small assortment of fox sounds.

Foxes are quite vocal animals, capable of creating a number of noises. Vocalizations are used for a variety of purposes and twenty-eight unique types have been documented. They can be used for interactions with other foxes that are close or far away. Though vocalizations are so useful, it isn't the foxes' only method of communication. They also use visual interaction, such as facial expressions, and all sorts of scent marking.

Source is Animal Diversity Web. Video is from YouTube.


  1. Amazing array of sounds. Oddly enough, if I've ever actually heard any of these calls, I've probably attributed them to other animals from squirrels to birds. Just wouldn't have thought "fox" when I heard the chattering or screaming.

    1. They really are quite unexpected. It's amazing what sounds some animals are capable of. I'll never forget when I was a teenager watching documentaries and heard a cheetah chirp for the first time!