Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Campus Fun (lots of pictures)

So, I've been back to campus with the dog twice in the past week. I've been working on his manners a lot, so a lot of down- or sit-stays. We walked around, then went back to the pond and ditch for some retrieving. This significant other did some more camera work for me. There were a lot of lovely action shots, which you can click to magnify.

In the gazebo
At the top of the amphitheater

Forgot the species, but part of one of the many gardens
In another gazebo
I just got the ball out and his demeanor instantly changed
Very wet dog
Ebon was a bit of a butt head on the last two trips, pulling on me a lot. Of course, an eighty-five-ish pound dog pulling is very different from a forty or even sixty pound dog, specially since I'm not exactly a very large person. When I took him to the old rice farm he decided that every squirrel in the park was the most exciting thing in the world and took me for a ride on three different occasions when I tried to jog with him. So, I've started using his head halter again and I'll be working on reminding him that he gets lots of praise and cookies for being polite. He likes to run, so jogging with him in the halter will both make him happy, encourage good behavior, and keep him from taking me for a ride while I'm trying to get a little exercise. I hate that I have to go back to this because I thought he was good enough to not need to wear the halter again.

On the bike path after some jogging
Trail feet again. Yep, it's shorts weather.
I even climbed a tree It's the same tree you can see in the background in my first post about this trail.
I even worked on his off lead recall on the soccer field. 

This sign amuses me

Tomorrow I'm planning to go back to the old rice farm.

EDIT - It seems Blogger is against me today. I don't know why some of the pictures aren't showing. 

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