Sunday, February 5, 2012

Guess the Genotype #49

Can you guess this dog's genotype? His breed?

Image provided to me by J. Burns of Ghostfire Photography, and are copyright to him

Gus is a pug/beagle mix, also known by the "designer breed" name: the puggle. His appearance is rather typical for an F1 (i.e. first generation pug crossed with a beagle with no back-crossing, etc.) puggle. Now, what is his genotype?

Most pugs come in a sable coloration, while sable is not very commonly seen in beagles. Most beagles are saddled tan. Since saddled tan is recessive to sable, probability makes it most likely that Gus is an Ayas sable carrying saddle marked.

As for the red seen on this dog, is is moderate in intensity. Pugs are usually quite pale, while most beagles you see will be a quite deep red. As such, Gus is most likely Cce moderate red (dark red carrying pale red).

Gus also has a mask. Fawn pugs are always masked, while beagles never have masks. Beagles do, however, sometimes come in recessive red. As I previously mentioned, however, their most common color is saddle marked which means that only come beagles carry the gene and even fewer express it. So, Gus is most likely EmE masked carrying non-masked.

The last gene that can be guaranteed to be acting on Gus's appearance is the white spotting gene. He has a bit of white on his chest and toes. Pugs are solid, while most beagles are Irish white or piebald. I suspect that Gus is Ssi solid carrying Irish white (expressing residual white) due to these factors.

So, that's Ayas Cce EmE Asi or masked sable with residual white (carrying saddle marked, non-masked, Irish white, pale red).


  1. Wow.. what a genotype! He sure is darn cute!

  2. Though you might find this 'Chow mix' interesting:

    1. Hi there! I'm the one who posted the 'chow mix', and I agree, the quotes are fully deserved. Indeed, the only reason I posted him as a chow mix at all isn't even visible in that picture: his tail is the most stereotypical chow tail that I've seen that wasn't attached to a chow butt. I'd love some input into his genotype and/or other breed possibilities.

      My single favorite weird genotype of all the dogs I've posted on my blog is Melvin, the recessive red Bernese mountain dog. Magnificent!

    2. You're actually the second person to direct me to that dog Jess, lol.

      It is a quite interesting looking dog. It could be a chow/aussie or something like that. Merle all black in the coat, so it's very possible for a dog to just have a merle mask. I find the Dunker quite interesting since it's a saddle merle, and shows merle that's a bit different from what's considered commonplace.