Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Guess the Genotype #54

Can you guess this dog's genotype? Its breed?

Image is from under a Creative Commons license

This dog's name or breed were not specified. However, I suspect that it's part Doberman pinscher and perhaps part German shepherd. This is partly due to this dog's genotype. It's also possible this dog has some sighthound background, or something else that gives a slender face. This dog actually has a quite simple genotype.

This dog is a classic example of the Agouti gene in action. The markings are quite similar to those seen in a tan pointed dog, but instead of black or the dilutes thereof, the majority of the dog is covered in banded hairs. You can actually tell that the hairs on banded on this dog, especially on the face. This is despite the fact that the dog is wet. Agouti is also dominant to the tan point gene, so if this dog does indeed have doberman pinscher ancestry, then it would make it highly likely that is carries the gene. This would make this dog awat agouti carrying tan point.

The only other gene that can be confirmed to be acting on this dog's coloration is the one controlling the intensity of the red in the coat. This dog has moderately intense red, which would make it Ccch moderate red.

So, that would be awat Ccch or moderate red agouti.

It is also possible that this dog could be something like a Doberman/saluki mix. Salukis are one of only a few breeds that have the dominant grizzle gene, which acts on the tan point gene (and only the tan point gene) to make the dog appear agouti. Since this dog does look quite a bit like a Doberman but I don't know of any Dobermans that come in agouti, this theory does make a fair amount of sense. If this were true, the most likely genotype for this dog would be atat EgE Ccch or moderate red grizzle.


  1. I definitely see the Doberman. You would think if it had shepherd, the snout with look somewhat longer? More defined?

    I gave you a Liebster blog award:

    1. Not necessarily. Dobermans usually have quite long, thin snouts themselves. With German shepherds, it seems to depend on the lines you're looking at.

      Thank you so much for the award. That was very kind of you!