Monday, February 20, 2012

Vet Day

Ebon in the car right outside the vet

Dropped Ebon off at the vet at 8:00 am. Since he wasn't allowed to eat last night or this morning the poor fellow was acting very confused about being without. Still don't know whether the tooth will stay or not, but I'll be finding out what the vet thinks is the best decision soon.

EDIT: The tooth has been pulled.

EDIT #2: Ebon seems to be doing well. His teeth are beautiful and the socked from the pulled tooth looks good (If you're curious and don't mind a little blood, here's a picture). However, I discovered upon arrival home that some time during the eight hours Ebon spent at the vet today his leg was injured rather badly. Best as one of the vets can determine (not the one who actually worked on Ebon, mind you), he moved while still under sedation and scraped his leg against the concrete floor of the recovery area. The wounds don't look chewed and the skin seems to me to have been pulled off (again, same as above, here's a picture, and another). What really steams me up is the fact that the people working there failed to notice the injuries and likely resultant bloody mess. I understand that he had a tooth pulled and they bleed, but ugh.

My brother was kind enough to sacrifice a sock at help me clean and bandage the wounds. I was a bit thorough in making sure that he wouldn't lick or chew the spots, so there is ointmented gauze taped to his leg, covered by a sock and finally wrapped in an ace bandage. He's currently sleeping. 

Ebon's makeshift bandage.


  1. Just curious, is his leg puffy around those wounds? Because it kind of looks like he stuck his leg through a narrow opening and scraped himself up pulling it back out. My experience with wounds from contact with concrete is that they take a long time to develop and form on the pressure points, and poor Ebon looks like he's got one in the middle of the leg?

    I've found that putting a piece of tape around the top of the sock, tight enough to keep it from slipping down over the elbow but loose enough to not cut off the circulation, is useful. Especially if you end up needing to just cover the wound to keep the dog from licking and don't want a snug bandage.

  2. It is a bit swollen, yes. It's a bit worse today than yesterday, but that's to be expected. Getting his legs stuck was one of my first thoughts, actually, but one of the scrapes is by his elbow, which seems...odd for that explanation. The wounds are placed at his elbow, wrist, where his leg meets is paw, on the toe, and then right above the pad.

    As for the concrete thing, the vet told me that sometimes dogs will windmill while sedated and if they manage to come off of the towels they can scrape themselves. It still doesn't seem like a very good explanation to me, but I can see where she was coming from. She also told me she was going to talk to the people who were actually involved in the surgery/recovery side of things for that day (since she wasn't) and see if she could piece things together.

    I may alter the bandage, but for now this seems to be working. He seems to be comfortable and I'm keeping the ace wrap loose to make sure the circulation is still good.